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About Us

Engineering company for import and export was founded in 1996 by sayed abd elmouity mahmoud. Engineering company is Agents and Distributors of most famous manufactures of valves :

  1. Esbe no. 1 hydronic system control, Sweden.
  2. MMA – AB Markaryds Metallarmatur, Sweden.
  3. Esco Kongsberg Esco AS, Norway.
  4. Danfoss Pressure independent control valves, Denmark.
  5. GENEBRE, Spain.

Engineering company works in the field of air conditioning industrial process valves. We have our stock to meet the requirements of supplies to contractor and owners.

Our Vision, Mission and Goals

  • To be an outstanding organization in the field of air conditioning industrial process valves providing our customers with the best service in an efficient and timely manner.
  • We are Committed to provide an inspiring and inclusive work environment for its employees to let them share the future success.
  • We are Committed to invest for growth and work to maximize the profit that accomplishes the corporate challenging objectives.
  • We are committed to delivering quality work and products, safely and on schedule.
  • A company with an open mind ready to embrace new opportunities and driven to deliver exceptional value.
  • Provide sustainable value product delivery,customer loyalty and services.
  • To be the region's top safety, quality, time and cost performer.
  • Recruit and develop high-caliber, ambitious, goal-oriented and innovative team members.
  • To be the most attractive employer in the Egyptian buildings market.

Our main goal is to provide cost effective, competitive and customized solution for air conditioning industrial process valves through commitment to utilizing the latest technologies and practices and building excellent relationships with customers.

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