• Part Number: 8045
  • Brand: Genebre - (Spain)
  • Main Features:
  • Liquid expansion Thermometers with working temperature from -40 to 120 º C. Simple, reliable and long life. Universal application in industrial and heating installations where working conditions are extreme, high humidity, vibration, weather, etc ....
  • Glass rod is secured and protected with polyamide base, in which the temperature scale is printed. Viewfinder: prismatic glass with white rear stripe. Thermometric liquid: alcohol dyed blue (nontoxic)..
  • Process connection: G 1/2" male thread, bottom connection. Stem length: 50 mm (ref. 8045) or 100 mm (ref. 8046). Stem rod material: brass Stem diameter: 10 mm. Box dimensions: 165x38 Box material: ABS Color: Gray Double scale ° C and ° F Scales: -40 +40ºC, 0 +60°C, 0 +120ºC Accuracy: ± 2,5 %..
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