St Steel Thermometer

  • Part Number: 8037
  • Brand: Genebre - (Spain)
  • Main Features:
  • Bimetal thermometers are used for temperature direct measurement. The measuring element of the thermometer is a bimetal helix of rapid response. It is made of two strips of metal welded cold with different thermal expansion coefficients, which are twisted according to the temperature. Rotational motion is transferred, with low friction to the pointer..
  • Process connection: G 1/2" male thread, sliding, bottom connection. Stem length: 100 mm. Thermowell rod material: Stainless steel 304. Thermowell diameter: 6 mm. Box dimensions: 110 mm Box material: Stainless steel 304. Bezel material: Stainless steel 304. Window: Glass Double scale ° C and ° F Accuracy: ± 1,6 %..
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