Rotary Valves 3F

  • Part Number: 3F
  • Brand: ESBE - (Sweden)
  • Main Features:
  • The ESBE series F is a valve made of cast iron for use in heating and cooling installations..
  • The mixing proportions are adjusted manually with a handle or, in automatically controlled systems, by means of an actuator. Suitable actuators are ESBE series ARA600 for DN ≤40 or series 90. The valve can alco be equipped with ESBE controllers series 90C, CRA120 or CRA110 and CRB ≤DN40..
  • Valve series 3F is available in dimensions DN 20-150 with flanged connections..
  • The scale is graded on both sides and can be turned, allowing a choice of mounting positions. Operation angle = 90°..
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