Maxor Balancing Instrument

  • Part Number: IP65
  • Brand: MMA - (Sweden)
  • Main Features:
  • Maxor is a balancing instrument you control via your android device. You can measure temperature, pressure and fl ow. Maxor can be used in large-scale projects in which it can divide the fl ow proportionally with double sensors or reach valves a long way out in the installation by means of a network of routers..
  • With Maxor, almost anything is possible. At MMA we have developed our own applications in the software, where you can see current valve authority or monitor the pressure drop in individual circuits. The software is always available on
  • Maxor’s high precision means that we can recommend measurements down to 2 kPa. This contributes to energy-effi cient balancing..
  • Maxor has a number of important functions which makes the system easy to use..
  • Maxor consists of two separate units: a measuring unit for pressure, fl ow and temperature, and a calculation unit for displaying results and analysing data..
  • The measuring unit is extremely robust and has a sturdy frame. Inside the measuring unit there is a hydronic component with an integrated differential pressure sensor; the values shown by this sensor are used for precise data processing..
  • The fl ow meter automatically corrects the fl ow of different types of media being measured, such as the coolant in a cooling system..
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