Balancing Valve - 50

  • Part Number: STV DN10-50
  • Brand: MMA - (Sweden)
  • Main Features:
  • STV is a threaded valve without a drain. The valve is equipped with self-sealing measuring sockets, placed at a 45° angle in relation to the wheel centre. The handwheel is equipped with a digital display. The valve is set at the desired flow or kv– value according to the diagram by means of the handwheel. When the value of the valve is set, it can be locked. This is done by screwing down the inner spindel to its end position with a 3 mm Allen key. After locking, the valve can be closed but can not however be opened at a higher kv value than the one set. The wheel can be sealed according to the figure. To avoid turbulence which can affect the measuring accuracy the valve should not be assembled close to bends, branch lines and other valves directly before or after the valve according to the figure..
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