• Part Number: DN10-250
  • Brand: Danfoss - (Denmark)
  • Main Features:
  • Efficient energy transfer and minimal pumping costs since there are no overflows at partial loads because of exact and pressure independent flow limitation..
  • Smaller pumps and lower energy consumption because the pump head needed is lower than in the traditional setup. With the built in pressure ports it’s easy to find the optimal setpoint for the pump..
  • Stable temperatures in the room and greatly reduced movement of the actuator because pressure fluctuations don’t influence the room temperature but are controlled by the built-in differential pressure controller..
  • No complaints from end-users because the installation works as designed..
  • Commissioning costs are close to zero because of easy setting procedure without the need for flow charts, calculations or measuring equipment. The AB-QM valves can be set to a precise design value even when the system is up and running..
  • Mounting costs are halved because the AB-QM valve covers two functions, Balancing & Control..
  • The valves are less susceptible to blockage because of the membrane design, which doesn’t rely on cartridge type constrictions..
  • Easy segmentation of the project. When sections of a project are finished they can be handed over to the customer with a fully functional installation. The AB-QM will automatically control the flow, even when other parts of the installation are still unfinished. It’s not needed to adjust the AB-QM after finalisation of the project..
  • The advanced design incorporates load related ‘switch-off’ to ensure that actuators and valves are not exposed to overload..
  • The advanced design incorporates a diagnostic LED, operational data capture and self stroking feature..
  • Hand operation..
  • Low weight and robust.
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